Religion is an ugly thing, but the love of the Father is most beautiful. In this timely teaching, you will see how religion is just as much alive today as it was in Jesus's day and just as much a stronghold.


"“Religion will leave you where you are while the love of the Father will drag you out of the pig pen.”


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Sometimes, the way we learn the very revelations that God has for us is truly amazing.  We can read about them from the Generals of Faith.  Or we can hear about them from Godly men and women, both in the pulpit and out.  Or we can learn them from experience.


"Experience isnt the only teacher Just the hardest"



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So many Christians today are held hostage by their past and they struggle with the shame of their yesterday. Romans 5:5 says, “Hope maketh not ashamed.” God wants His children to have a joyful expectation of something good happening to them. God want His children to have hope. And there ain’t no shame in that!



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